Winner, BPFF Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, 2015: EYES OF A THIEF

Winner, BPFF Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature, 2015: THE WANTED 18


Parallel Paths: Palestinians, Native Americans, Irish Exhibit open through Nov 3

BPFF Announces the 2015 Audience Awards

The awards for Best Narrative Feature and Best Documentary Feature have been announced. Read More

Salim Abu Jabal: “I Simply Had to Bring Their Story to the World”

We spoke with Salim Abu Jabal, director of Roshmia, about the extraordinary lengths to which he went to obtain the footage for the awardwinning 70-minute film. Read More

Amer Shomali: “For Me, Making this Film Meant Rebelling Against What a Documentary ‘Should’ Look Like—a Creative Process to Reflect the Spirit of the First Intifada”

Amer Shomali spoke with us about the making of The Wanted 18, which re-imagines the first Intifada from the perspective of 18 cows. Read More

Nadia Abuelezam: “I Wanted to Bring the Humanity and Human Nature and Human Emotion Back Into Our Stories”

We chat with Nadia Abuelazam, the Founder of Palestinians Podcast, to learn more about her new gig. Read More

Hind Shoufani: “I Made a Poem and a Love Story for My Family”

We talked with Hind Shoufani about the making of her film, Trip Along Exodus, which was born out of a desire to tell her mysterious father's story. Read More