The Last Friday (Al Juma Al Akheira)

by Yahya Alabdallah

2011 | Drama | 88 min

Hampered by old gambling debts, divorced, and despondent, Yousef lives an isolated existence scrambling for every dinar. When he learns he must have life-saving surgery in four days, he’s forced to revisit old chapters in his life as he tries to find the money. But everywhere he turns, there are fresh assaults on his pride. With an inspired cast, including Ali Suliman (Paradise Now, The Lemon Tree, The Syrian Bride, The Kingdom, Body of Lies) and Yasmine Al Masri (Miral, Caramel, Pomegranates and Myrrh, Ayrouwen), this artistic film about the little humiliations of everyday life has earned some major awards.

Special Jury Prize
(Director Yahya Alaballah), Best Actor (Ali Suliman); Best Composer (Le Trio Joubran), 8th Annual Dubai International Film Festival, Muhr Arab Feature Competition
4 Cinema in Motion awards, 59th Sebastian Film Festival, Spain
Special Jury Prize, Fribourg Film Festival, Switzerland, 2012

Boston Premiere